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Learn to start a podcast with founder of Latinx Therapy, an award-winning and global, bilingual podcast. Please note that this course is NOT for people who already have a podcast.

The Course Includes:

A Step-by-Step E-Book

Content from the course will be provided in an e-book format with hyperlinks for easy access to launch your podcast! 


2 hours of engaging video lessons with closed captioning.

Podcast Shoutout

Once you launch, get a shoutout in our Instagram account!

Trusted Referrals

Access to our list of podcast editors, logo designers & more!

Lifetime Access

Unlimited time access to the course.

Course Modules:

Here are the modules of this e-course:
1. Logistics of your Podcast
2. Equipment & Services
3. Podcast Layout & Design/Branding
4. Audio check list
5. Launching
6. Monetizing
7. Sponsorships
8. Guests & Cohosts
9. Recommended Providers

Learn How to Launch Your Podcast!

Get guidance into the logistics of what is necessary when launching a podcast. Learn from my mistakes and make this journey as smooth as possible for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions students have wondered about this course.

This podcast class is for anyone who wants to launch a podcast. It is not  focused on mental health podcasts. It focuses more so on the logistics of what you need to launch a podcast and ways to monetize. 

You will get the e-book immediately after you pay. It will be included in the invoice for download. It will include most content from the virtual class. 

I don’t recommend this course. Instead I recommend attending a podcast marketing consultation to get specific questions answered. This is a very into-level class.

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