Communication Skills Level 1

From: $35.00

Facilitated by: Adriana Alejandre

This is the introductory workshop for COMMUNICATION SKILLS (Passive to Assertive).

JANUARY and FEBRUARY DATES AVAILABLE (You will only register for one, and attend one):

  • Tues, Jan 12 from 5:00-6:15pm PST
  • Tues, Feb 9 from 5:00-6:15pm PST

About the Workshop: An interactive, virtual, workshop designed to teach adults about passive, assertive and aggressive communication styles. This workshop is online & intended for individuals who want to create verbal boundaries and improve how they communicate with others. PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED. VIDEO CAMERA ON WILL BE REQUIRED.


  • Why Communication is important
  • Cultural Barriers
  • Effective Body Language
  • Communication Styles & Practice Round
  • Recommendations & Homework

For Who: Anyone 18+ who truly wants to learn how to stop being too passive or passive aggressive.

Refunds/Transfers: None.

For sliding scale ($20-$29) or any questions, contact me [email protected]
Subject line: Communication Skills Group. Group is limited to 10 people.