EMDR Paperwork


What’s in the EMDR Paperwork Packet?

(THIS IS A DIGITAL FILE) INCLUDES the following in Eng. & Spanish:

    • Client checklist to prep right before session (For Client)
    • Therapist checklist
    • Self-Report Dissociation Mini Scale (For Client)
    • Negative and Positive Cognitions (For Client)
    • Validity of Cognition Scales (For Client)
    • List of Positive & Negative Beliefs (For Client)
    • EMDR Target Assessment Worksheet
    • EMDR Session Stimulation Tracker

Use: I created these digital files for my clients. I send them to the clients to save, and use them when starting a new target. Clients conveniently pull it up on their phone or computer, & have them to reference in between sessions, if needed.

All are provided in .doc format so you can make edits. Files expire after 30 days. Please download as soon as you purchase. Product is copyright protected. Sharing is prohibited.

No refunds on digital products.