Parentified Latinx Adults as Children-Workshop #1

From: $40.00

A national, community support group.

Facilitated by Adriana Alejandre

For Latinx adults (18+) who were parentified as children. This will be a supportive and safe environment to learn how the parentification effects & how to heal. The goal of this group is to feel less alone through community of others with similar lived-experiences of parentification. This is not a therapy/clinical group.

This workshop is mandatory to join future monthly support groups.

Topic #1*: Silent Mental Health Effects/Impact of Parentification


  • Introductions
  • Sharing experiences of Topic
  • Learn Coping Skill

Parentification: When children take the roles/responsibilities of adults because parents/caregivers’s inability/unwillingness to fulfill such responsibilities. This can be through physical labor around home, care-taking (physical and/or emotional), among other examples.

For any concerns, please email me.

Space is limited. Cost is per group: $40

Limited sliding scale slots available ($20-$35), please email: [email protected]

Upon registering, participants will sign an agreement form.

No refunds.